Organizing a conference involves plenty of meticulous planning, coordination and management, no matter the size or nature of your conference. Whether it’s a business celebration, a gala dinner or an awards night, your conference is a time when you want to impress your guests and have the whole event proceed flawlessly.

The planning phase in the lead up to any conference or event is the crucial time when you need to liaise with the venue and suppliers, create an event theme, plan a program or order of events, coordinate travel and accommodation plans, choose a menu and confirm the small details – all while sticking to a tight budget. Having an experienced and professional conference organizer on your side can make the whole process far less stressful and overwhelming.

Partnering with Streamline Venues for your conference and event planning gives you the convenience of a complete conference management team. We’ll negotiate pricing and contracts, plan, organize and finalize all aspects with the venue you selected.

One of our experienced conference organizers will meet with you for an initial consultation about your event and to find out about your business, clients and what you want to achieve with your conference. Our thorough attention to detail means nothing is missed, and you can rest assured knowing your conference will run smoothly.

You’ll have access to a dedicated event management professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We handle every aspect so you can relax knowing your event will run smoothly, leaving you time to focus on your clients and the direction of your event.

We’re highly experienced at arranging conferences, and have managed functions such as:
Corporate events – make sure your next corporate event impresses your guests and achieves the business goals you’re striving for.
Forums and seminars – whatever kind of meeting you’re planning, we take care of everything required, from the venue and theme to the catering and styling.
Road shows and awards nights – put on a dazzling show and relax in the knowledge that we’re here to take of all your event management needs.
Summits and meetings – with our thorough and professional management skills, your summits and meetings will be planned and organised exactly the way you want it done.